2021 Lunar New Year Gala Sign Up

You will get an email with a link to attend the 2/21, 2pm-4pm (PST) FREE, MOST ENTERTAINING, and FUN Lunar New Year Virtual Gala. Please make sure to click a link, which gives you opportunities to view and/or bid on our FABULOUS ONLINE AUCTION ITEMS, as well as other opportunities of involvement with East Meets West Parent Education Club (www.emwpec.org).  

Thank you for your interest!  


謝謝報名。您將收到一封電子郵件,其中包含一個鏈接來參加2月 21日下午2-4點免費的中國新年慶祝聯歡會。今年的農曆新年盛會將包括豐富多彩的新年藝術表演和抽獎活動。請查看並點擊電子郵件中的鏈接來競標在線的拍賣項目,以及參與East Meets West美中家長親子教育協會 www.emwpec.org 的其他重要活動 。


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