Message from our African American member, JJ

Profound message from our African American club member JJ who is a fashion desiner and

currently teaching In GuangZhou, China:

“ Protest are fine when it's peaceful and does'nt disturb civil law. It's actually encouraged. It strengthens our Union. Protest can also be a boycott of products that the disinfranchised can use to make changes (Rosa Parks bus boycott). Many African American men could use more wisdom and guidance to avoid arrest. By doing crimes and petty-crimes, it attracts Police. So many African Americans disrespect the Police because of the abuse of power but we need our Peacekeepers. We need to pray and respect those in leadership. Men have a fallen nature. Sin. And racism is part of that fallen nature. I don't judge the Police, but i feel the Justice System needs reform. Proper training (proper forced restraints and when to use a weapon along with 'scenario' training) and having a diverse group of Policemen working at a Police Department is part if the solution. With the epidemic lockdown, some not receiving their Stimulus Checks, jobless at an all-time high, and continued unjustice withnessed on social media....people will be angrey and violent. I have actually started watching Dr. King's speeches about non-voilence and love. This is time for all people from all walks of life to come together and humble ourselves and pray and to seek His Face to see healing in our land. I love you guys in this group. My heart broke when I heard of the attacks on Asian Americans in the USA. I hope that the Asian communities can support other minority businesses and communities. Once the travel ban is lifted here in China, I want to visit home soon. God Bless you guys! ”




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